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If we could give Danes Custom Homes a rating on a scale from one to five, we would give them fifteen!

We really hit the jack pot in 2015 when we came across our newly built home by Ben & Tina. Our home is a spacious, open design with natural lighting in every room. There are exquisite details that caught the eye of several decor & architect magazines, which gifted Danes Custom Homes awards for their creation. We have lived in our home for three years now and I am constantly in awe with how well designed it is:  From the numerous power outlets discreetly available under all the kitchen cabinets, to the sliding doors tucked in the walls so that we can close out the entire back of the house for privacy or, in our case, to keep our dogs from barking at a passer by while the baby sleeps – this home ceases to amaze me.

It’s the little things, the things that I know I would of never considered, or thought of, and yet I find myself saying “wow, they DID think of everything” – constantly!  However, the best part isn’t even the amazing sliding doors or the floor to ceiling windows, it’s Ben and Tina. They have gone above and beyond to ensure me and my family not only have a house, but a beautiful home. From day one, any time we needed or wanted help, they were
there to guide us!  We may have bought a house but we gained two AMAZING friends.

We’ve said it numerous times and will continue to say it over and over: you will never be in better hands.

- The Hemskys