Our Philosophy

At Danes Custom Homes, superior quality is our mission. From site selection to architecture, interior design to materials and workmanship, we offer our clients our personal guarantee that their home has been built using only the finest resources available.

We are committed to building elegant luxury homes and to preserving the world that surrounds them. Our approach is more than a construction process… it is a partnership. We have more than 15 years of experience in building, remodeling and restoring homes. Ben Roostai is an engineer from Copenhagen Technical University, Denmark and Tina Roostai has an MBA from Aarhus University, Denmark.

“Growing up in Denmark in homes more than 100 years old you come to appreciate the architecture, quality and craftsmanship put into these homes. When you build a home you want to make it timeless, elegant, and functional and you build it to last.”

We are adamant about the quality of construction. From the foundation to the rooftop, the hardware and appliances, every material is scrutinized for its quality, durability, and functionality. We believe every home must flow nicely, living spaces should be comfortable, yet functional, and that there are plenty of spaces for both gathering and privacy.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living goes so far beyond what we call green today. Having grown up in Europe, where many homes are centuries old, to us, sustainability is something that lasts.

From low VOC paints and finishes to ecologically sound materials, we travel the world in search of smart, efficient elements that make your life better and respect our world and its resources. Whether it’s marble, granite, stone, ironwork, plaster, roofing materials, or the stucco for the walls, when we consider the beauty of these materials we go well beyond aesthetics. We select items that have been sustained by time and will last for generations to come. That’s our idea of sustainable living.